About us

What is The Increase? What does it mean to live in The Increase? 

Created and led by pro athletes, The Increase is a movement to see all athletes, coaches, fans and people everywhere have an Increase experience with Christ, as found in John 3:30.

"He must increase, but I must decrease.” 

This line in the Bible comes from John the Baptist, who was at the height of popularity in his day. People were coming to him in droves to listen to what he had to say about life. But suddenly, Jesus showed up and the people started leaving John and going to Jesus. Some of John's closest followers told him they were concerned. Yet, John's response was perfect, and it perfectly models what every one of us should hope to replicate in our own lives. John knew he was a finite being with a finite ability to help others, whereas Jesus was an infinite being with no limitations to offer everyone what they need most.

"He must increase, but I must decrease.” 

He — Jesus — must be ever-increasing in and through our lives. And our tendency to proclaim ourselves, our accomplishments and our own smaller stories must be ever-decreasing. That is the heart behind The Increase. The movement may have started with pro athletes, but it's really a mission for everyone. Every human walking this earth needs to discover that the best life is found as we die to self and live for Jesus. The Increase aims to help in that mission by providing merchandise and gear to express faith in Christ, as well as books and Bible studies to encourage growth in Christ. 

Furthermore, our media ministry, Sports Spectrum — which goes by the tagline "Where Sports and Faith Connect" — carries out the mission to see people have an Increase experience with Christ through sports media — its magazine, established in 1985; its website, covering sports news from a Christian perspective; and its podcast, featuring the best interviews you'll find from athletes, coaches and others in the world of sports talking about what's most important to them: Christ. 

From apparel, merchandise, Bible studies and books, to stories, podcasts and magazines, we pray that you'll join us in this movement. None of us are meant to Increase in Christ alone.